Paper and material types

The following shows some of our most popular and common types of paper and materials. If you have something else in mind, just let us know! We are happy to source other materials for you and always welcome a challenge!

Smooth, uncoated

This is the most cost effective cardstock we offer. It is available in both white and off-white colors and features a smooth finish. This stock comes in a standard weight of 100# and a slightly heavier version that is 130#. ($)

linen finish

Our linen paper is a sturdy cardstock (130#) that features a slight linen texture and comes in white and off-white colors. ($$)


felt finish

Our felt paper is a great choice for those who love a lot of texture. Made partly of cotton, this paper is great for deckled edges, letterpress and foil jobs. Available in white and off-white colors. ($$)


crane’s cotton lettra

A forever classic, Crane’s Lettra is a cotton paper that has been used for decades. This traditional paper comes in Florescent White, Pearl White and Baronial Ivory and is a terrific choice for any print method. ($$$)

colored stock

We can custom order almost any color you are dreaming of! ($) Just let us know what you have in mind. We have the capabilites to print on darker cardstocks with digital white ink ($) or we can letterpress or foil stamp ($$$) your design onto the paper.


acrylic and lexan material

For those that want a truly unique piece, we can print onto both acrylic ($$$) and Lexan ($$) materials. White ink always provides a nice pop on these materials ($), but we can also foil stamp creating a metallic effect ($$$).